Louis’ Friends

After almost forty years of writing poems, Louis was greatly helped by a number of creative illustrators and photographers. Each in their own unique way helped him gain a firmer foothold in a very digitally distracted world.

From 2010 – 2017 this imaginative and talented Russian graphics artist  Katya Zhu, from St, Petersburg (katyazhu.com)  provided Louis with well over fifty images for various poems. The highlights of their collaboration was their stillbirth booklet tribute for Louis’ daughter. This was turned into a video and was featured on the first stillbirth movie dvd, Return to Zero. Other notable work was their collaboration on the pitiful Cillini graves for unbaptised Catholic stillborns (kickstartyourheart.wordpress.com)

Then, in 2015 Louis met Dora Kazmierak @dora_kazmierak a gifted emerging photographer from, Warsaw, Poland. Together they collaborated on many projects: long surviving heritage houses, wise-looking rescue dogs, sheep marts, old boarding schools and unloved old bookshops – like the now-closed Carraig Books, in Blackrock, Dublin (kickstartyourheart.wordpress.com)

Lastly, in 2016 Louis was introduced to Neringa Normantaite, fine artist and print maker from Lithuania (www.instagram.com) Louis was long-looking for someone prepared to illustrated his erotic poem, Marriage Miscellanea: A Thirty Year Calender. Neringa took on that daring challenge in a very tasteful way (kickstartyourheart.wordpress.com)

My poetry would be all the poorer for not having these creative and patient people in my life. All three female creatives have helped propel my writing into a world far wider than I ever imagined…

 Louis Hemmings, Autumn 2018