Kickstart Your Heart

Here’s a list of my latest poems. Go to Kickstart Your Heart to find them all!

  • Hope Drunk Hearts
    Easter Springtide – Vitali Linitsky (Russian painter, mid 70s) ___________________________________________________________________   Ancient terror prophecies, torture proven true: brow mock-crowned, blood-barbed thorns, carpenter’s palms, nail-pinioned, chiselled through – legs smashed, ankles anchored on cruel cruciform.   Eerie sun eclipse, dread-dark that slaughter scene, Christ’s carcass buried in a borrowed tomb; male followers fled, female friends stayed to keen... Read more »
  • April First Fools?
    My wife wanted a Spring-born baby. Holly Hemmings was announced stillborn by the maternity hospital, ten days before her birth….We had prayed for a miracle. Holly was initially delivered by me, at 1 am in an isolated room, on April 1st, April Fools Day. Her little brother,  aged almost four asked:... Read more »
  • Shaftesbury, the Poor Man’s Earl
    You shrewdly observed the pathetic poor that begged, brawled and swindled; compelled to un-bolt unjustly locked doors: scripture command and anger-kindled.   Children slept under weaving looms, and tugged wagons deep in coal caverns, roasted to death from smoke stack fumes; parents impoverished by gin taverns.   In childhood, your kind, mindful maid whispered maternal minded prayers; despotic father’s ruthless rules... Read more »
  • O Sonic Saints!
                                                                                                       ... Read more »
  • Creaking Carriages, Stuttering Slow
    Creaking carriages, stuttering slow, children wave and off we go, speed parts their innocent smiles, blurred black and white platform tiles, rocking rhythm, cracked record style.   Squat country cottages – you smile so! Good things in garden plots grow,   sentried by slap-dash lean to‘s: mismatched timber, weathered hues all held by rusty nails or screws. Shuttling, shouting –... Read more »
  • Words can Harm, Words can Heal
    Words can harm, words can heal, words restore what satan steals; words can sing, words can spiel holy words once multiplied one meal. Wise words win, terse tongues blunder, spiteful words pull people asunder; still small voice, powerful as thunder – Word-soaked souls no man can plunder.                      ... Read more »
  • From Scrap Planks and Pram Wheels
      From scrap planks and pram wheels our go kart was assembled, Forumla One resembled; brake-slowed by scraping heels.   Roads raced, paths of Ardagh Park, rope steered, comic-book speed, short-trousered knees would bleed after crashes, lad laughs – what a lark!   Traffic infrequent, caution not needed, Self-propelled, crouched low, see swift spokes sparkle so: imaginary engines revved unimpeded.   Records broken every time, proven by... Read more »
  • Her Loss of Love our Personal Gain
    true!/browse/film/1781/janis-little-girl-blue   Her loss of love our personal gain, she sang-screamed deep primal pain. Janis rocked hard, almost left the rails: no warning whistle – but heart-wail.   Convention fore-fingered, she didn’t care, blatantly dismissed modesty: absent brasserie. Pioneer, prodigy, the first female rocker: A feminist Mick Jagger, a femme Joe Cocker.   Wilful and defiant, smiling to the last, promises of promiscuity... Read more »
  • I am like a drunken sailor, fallen off a galloping horse.
    With my recent writing, I am like a drunken sailor, fallen off a  galloping horse. Though dragged along by such equine propelling power, still I cannot let go of the reins, no matter how hard I try….... Read more »
  • friends are all for give and take
    photos: Dora Kazmierak (Louis’ 60th birthday party, 2017) “….it’s worth identifying who among the many people you encounter in your life are truly friends. Who makes time for you? Whose company enlivens, enriches and maybe even humbles you? Whom would you miss? Who would miss you? … what friendships have in... Read more »