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Here’s a list of my latest poems. Go to Kickstart Your Heart to find them all!

  • What a Difference a Day MakesWhat a Difference a Day Makes
    The second novella by Louis Hemmings available from EU 5.00 Ireland US$ 7.50 / Rest of the World Read more »
  • A Covid LamentA Covid Lament
    Unstoppable sirens spook our lives, helicopters hunt from scowling skies, police checks query and advise. Reporters intone death updates officials admonish and quote R rates – Who will deliver us from this slave state? Don’t dare question higher authority, don’t defend the agnostic minority, overlords get free-pass priority. Deterred all… Read more »
  • Null Set *Null Set *
    Ronald – ride your trike and smile; short will be your life: sickness comes, then strife.   Five photos that’s all I have: character shortfall; clueless, all in all.   II. Slender throat hard crushed, strangled until terror shushed; brutal breach of trust.   Did my grandfather regret that dreadful… Read more »
  • Pop Pickers and PiratesPop Pickers and Pirates
      The cogged radio knob was grasped & turned, a green lotus light bloomed, energy slowly unlocked: this moment holy, on rough cord carpet kneeled a pubescent “pop picker” in audio adoration, short trousered knees were tattooed by Tintawn, heart and soul in hostage to Motown melodies, thrilled at the… Read more »
  • Athanasius’ Third Arrest, 356 A.D.Athanasius’ Third Arrest, 356 A.D.
    Holy Coptic chants solemnly resonate, somnambulant Eastern liturgical drone: heaven’s hope echoing off stone church walls. Cassocks, candelabras and kiot*, gold-tinted. Altar and icons by incense clouded, praying priests half-hidden by holy haze, God’s grace spice-suffusing the sanctuary.   At midnight mass, Caesar’s dark legions came smashed the sacred, bolted… Read more »
  • Horse Show ScenesHorse Show Scenes
    Poem and photos based on experiences of the Royal Dublin Society Annual Horse Show Wafting smell of wax-polished leather, boxed-in royalty, equines stand tethered; sweet scent drifts from dark passage stalls, echoing announcements over speaker calls. Girls command horses, fifteen hands high, tight jodhpurs, high boots makes this male sigh:… Read more »
  • This is Where I first BelievedThis is Where I first Believed
      Architecture in Victorian style, gallant hymns, strained smiles: few assembled believers, old-fashioned and ever eager; Sabbath spirit static, prayer sincere, pragmatic.   Scripture texts in Gothic script, pilgrim people gripped by heavenly hope proposed, platform preacher posed queries: idols and curses refuted by bible verses.   Lone brethren, battle… Read more »
  • In many ways, bikes are better…In many ways, bikes are better…
    Backstory to poem: a cycling friend related an aggressive driver / peaceful cyclist encounter. It took place as a cycling family pedalled to school one morning. When unsafe actions by careless car driver were challenged by father cyclist, the driver uttered the ridiculous rebuttal: “Why don’t you grow up and… Read more »
  • Lawrence Coster: The Apostle of Printing (c. 1420)Lawrence Coster: The Apostle of Printing (c. 1420)
    With willow wood you wooed your beau, setting her heart and mind aglow: solitary-seated by canals you etched, then slowly the sharp blade sketched lovers initials intertwined, sharp incisions on branch birthed blessings: Eden’s vision.   This lover’s present then parchment-wrapped, carved cyphers secretly sang, summoned sap: overnight it oozed… Read more »
  • Hope Drunk HeartsHope Drunk Hearts
        artist: Mahmoud Qoqyan ___________________________________________________________________   Those ancient prophecies proven true: palms nail-pinioned, skin flayed through, ankles anchored on cruel cruciform, king mock-crowned with braided thorns.   Sadistic suffering, lone dreadful death, no respirator for last few breaths, dark night of soul, sun’s eerie eclipse, not scared he… Read more »